ClouDEX officially launched

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ExaServe and Detecon Al Saudia ( officially announced the launch of their hosted application virtualization platform ClouDEX, ClouDEX is the first provider of real Cloud Computing Solutions in Saudi Arabia, combining EXA IT’s 9 years of experience in providing managed hosting solutions, with Detecon Al Saudia’s 29 years of experience in managed ICT and telecommunication services. The launch event took place during a special conference held by Detecon Al Saudia in the Omsiat ballroom at the Faisaliah hotel in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on Sunday 27th November 2011. During the conference, ClouDEX’s products as well as the future roadmap providing advanced cloud computing services to the Saudi and Middle East market were announced, while celebrating the German TÜViT “Trusted Infrastructure Site Level 3 Extended” certificate obtained by Detecon Al Saudia for its datacenter in Riyadh from the independent German IT security auditor TÜViT.

“Cloud Application services have to come into Saudi Arabia, it will support market growth for all businesses and institutions with heavy IT infrastructure dependencies such as Banking, Oil&Gas, Insurance, Retail and Government”, Dirk Doerrschuck Vice President ICT of Detecon Al Saudia.

“Cloud computing is a natural evolution of the IT industry. Cloud computing provides the ability to scale systems up or down on demand, and to access data from anywhere with an Internet connection. Companies will only pay for the processing of the data, without the need to invest in expensive hardware and licensing schemes”, Engineer Sami Al-Helwah CEO of EXA Information Technology.

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