Egypt Branch Annual Meeting

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In one of the biggest hotels in Cairo, ExaServe “the company acquired the brand ExaHost” sets its annual Meeting for Egypt branch to present the work plan for the year 2013, the conference was attended by company’s employees and department’s managers in the branch of Egypt.

The meeting included a review of the company’s achievements for the year elapsed 2012 and review of the line of work for 2013 and explain the products and services the new company, the company intends to launch during the current year and its intention to open up to the world market as the next step after the company became EXA largest company offering hosting services in the Arab world.

Has been on the sidelines of the conference honored a number of distinguished employees in different departments of the company to focus on the importance of excellence and proficiency and competition in the service of the company’s customers.

He has M / Ahmed Abdul Wahid, the Director-General, during the conference explained the general plan of the company and to be applied in 2013 and the new services that the company intends to submit to the Arab user.

And prefer / Samy sweet, President Altnfve, reviewing the most important successes achieved by the company during 2012 and sectors characterized by the company in the provision of services, both at the level of government sectors, universities or large companies in the Arab world.

The A / Omar Abdel Wahed, director of e-marketing, a detailed explanation of the target markets in 2013 and market segments served by the company and announced the company’s intention to enter into the realm of market hosting global competitor strong in a short period, especially after the company providing its services to a number of clients on the level world and who Ochado quality services and competitive prices to the international standards.

Heads of departments also provided hosting sector and customer service vision for 2013, which comes in the framework of offering more premium services to customers who the company is proud to serve them.

The that the company clothing Cerf ExaServe is a company formed after the merger of two giants hosting Arab: Company EXA Host and Nile Web, and the company became the owner of a number of famous brands in the Arab world in the field of information technology, namely: clothing Host ExaHost and Nile Web NileWeb and Claudis CloudEX and Web District WebDistrect.